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    Application to Stay and Practise

    for Pa-Auk (Main) @Mawlamyine

    1. Please download and read the following before you apply :

    1.1. Information for foreign meditators  


    1.2 Rules and Regulations for foreign meditators

    2. Letter of Agreement

    2.1 Please download and print the Letter of Agreement here.

    2.2 Please fill and complete the Letter of Agreement and email to the Monastery:

    Email: paauktawya.main@gmail.com

    For attention : Foreigner Section


    3. Sponsorship Letter


    If you plan to stay at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery for more than one month, you will need a Pa-Auk Sponsorship Letter in order to apply for the appropriate type of Myanmar visa (meditation visa).


    After receiving your written request for Sponsorship Letter and completed Letter of Agreement, the Monastery will mail the Sponsorship Letter to you, which you can use for the application of meditation visa from the Myanmar Embassy.


    4. Sponsorship

    A sponsorship letter grants permission for you to reside at this monastery and covers responsibility for your meals and lodging – nothing more. All financial requirements (including medical, dental, transportation, visas, FRC, departure forms and other requisite items) are your personal responsibility. Please arrive with sufficient funds (in us dollars) for the duration of your stay.

    If your visa (or visa extension) was obtained with a Pa-Auk Sponsorship Letter, this means you have agreed to stay at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery for the visa’s duration. To use an entry/meditation visa for sightseeing and tourism would constitute an abuse of the privilege granted to you by the Sponsorship Letter and could create problems for the monastery.

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    Visa Application / Extension

    Entry into Myanmar requires a visa. For short stay of up to 28 days, you can apply for a tourist visa or an entry visa. If you plan to stay at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery for a longer period, you should apply for a meditation visa, maximum Period of stay in Myanmar for each entry is (70)days from the date of arrival and can be extendable. Please check with the Myanmar Embassy in your home country to see if they will issue a meditation visa to you. If this is not possible, you may wish to check with another Myanmar Embassy – for example, the Embassy in Singapore – to see what type of visa they will issue to you. To apply for a meditation visa, you will need a Pa-Auk Sponsorship Letter, which can be obtained through a Pa-Auk Contact Person or by writing to the Monastery (Please refer to Application from the Monastery above).

    For the latest news on visa applications and extensions, please contact Daw Amy at attbbpp@myanmar.com.mm.


    Contact information for the Myanmar Embassy in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia is listed below:



    ● Embassy of the Union of Myanmar

    132, Sathorn Nua Road, Bangkok 10500,

    Bangkok , Kingdom of Thailand

    Tel: +66 022 337 250, 022 344 698, 022 344 789, 022 377 744,022 337 250

    Fax: +66 022 366 898

    Website: http://www.myanmarembassybkk.com/

    The embassy is open Monday through Friday from 09:00-16:30.
    However, the Visa Section is only open 09.00 – 12.00 and 13:00-15:00 (Monday – Friday).



    ● Embassy of the Union of Myanmar

    15 St Martin’s Drive, Singapore 257996

    Tel: (65) 67350209, 67351672, 67355263, 67356576

    Consular Section – 67352035
    Visa Section – 67353164

    Fax: (65) 67356236

    Website: http://www.myanmarembassy.sg

    Email: webmaster@myanmarembassy.sg

    Mon – Fri (9.30 am – 12.00 pm | 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm)


    ● Embassy of the Union of Myanmar

    8c, Jalan Ampang Hilir, Taman U Thant,

    55000 Kuala Lumpur,

    Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Tel: (603) 4251-5595, 4251-4455, 4251-6355

    Website: https://myanmarvisa.com/kuala_lumpur.htm

    Vis Application Time at the embassy is from (09:30) to (12:30) hours and the Collection Time is from (16:00) to (17:00) hours, Monay to Friday.



    It is to be noted that the regulations pertaining to visa do change from time to time, and the fee and the period granted for visa extension may vary consequently. If your stay in Myanmar exceeds I month, a “Departure Form” has to be completed and submitted on leaving the country.

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    Arrival and Departure

    for Pa-Auk (Main) @Mawlamyine

    • Pa-Auk Forest Monastery is divided into the Upper, Middle and Lower Monasteries. Upon arrival and departure, foreigners must register at the following locations: male residents – the Registration Office for Foreigners in the Upper Monastery; female residents – the Lower Monastery Office. 
    •  If you plan to be away from your kuṭi (meditator’s hut) for more than one week, you must leave it ready for anyone else to come and occupy: male residents – wash and clean what you have used, lock your kuṭi and return all borrowed items, including your kuṭi key, to the Sangha Office (in the Library building); female residents – wash and clean what you have used, lock your kuṭi and return your kuṭi key to the Lower Monastery Office. (Both male and female residents: You must return your kuṭi key even if the kuṭi is your own offering to the monastery.